Question : Is Wajabaati website an authorized website?

Answer : Yes, Wajabaati website is authenticated by the Department of Economic Development

Question : Where is your location?

Answer : Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates

Question : Will be there any negative consequences on me if I withdraw from Wajabaati website?

Answer : No, there will be no negative consequences of your withdrawal, but we’ll feel sorry for that and we wish to hear your comments and your feedback to enhance your experience in the future

Question : Does Wajabaati website offers delivery services?

Answer : Not at the present time, but we’re discussing the possibility of implementing this service and making sure to offer you the best delivery services available

Question : What are the available payment methods?

Answer : Bank transfer, or through one of our Wajabaati team members

Question : Will Wajabaati website have a percentage of our monthly profits?

Answer : Yes, Wajabaati website will charge 10% of your total monthly sales

Question : Who came up with the idea of Wajabaati website?

Answer : A group of young Emirati ambitious men

Question : Will I receive the notification of a new order in my WhatsApp?

Answer : No, the order notification will be sent to your account on Wajabaati website and to your email inbox